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We offer free conference services to customers, all you need to do is register with us and get your pin code to access your free conference through our UK mobile and national nos, you can have upto 250 participants in the same conference and no limit on duration of the call, for more information,click here  brochure

GlobalTel LLC


GlobalTel is one of the leading provider of VoIP termination services all over the world.

GlobalTel offers the lowest rates for most of your national and international connections over VOIP through our redundant network, world class infrastructure and managed call routing with 24*7 support.

We are a recognized Carrier in the International Telecommunications market with skilled and qualified personnel and up-to-date technological base.

We carry over 5 million minutes of international traffic per month with over 50 carriers around the world. Our partners are large national telecom operators as well as new dynamic VoIP companies in different parts of the world. GlobalTel is a team of experienced business and network professionals with over 10 years of experience in Telecommunications. The structure of our Company enables us to ensure a most efficient distribution of responsibility and authority of different departments coordinating separate trends within the scope of the Company’s activities.

The experience we had gained while working with the end users helped us to develop and create our own monitoring system, which along with the round-the-clock technical support expanded into a constantly updated and upgraded monitoring toolkit. The introduction of the specially elaborated QoS (Quality of Services) monitoring system allows our Technical Department to receive any information about quality-related problems and to solve them on the spot.

We continue to expand our presence in global VoIP market and to develop direct routes to high traffic markets.

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